From Etsy to Your Own eStore

From Etsy to Your Own eStore

February 21st, 2011 by Marc Ostrofsky is the eBay of handmade goods and is a great place for the crafty to start making money online, they charge less than the aforementioned auction site and have somewhat of a cult following. It is very easy to set up an etsy store and it gives you instant access to tens of thousands if not millions of customers. If you have a quality product that people like and are willing to keep up with customer demand, your reputation will grow. This can be jump started even more so by sending out free samples to prominent bloggers who through the unwritten laws of the Internet are obliged to write about you and send you some high quality traffic. It is important when you start your store to have an easily brandable name. I recommend picking up “the name of your etsy” before you even begin; this will solve a whole lot of headaches later on if you decide to go at it alone. Make sure to have a link to your site in your etsy store, if you aren’t ready to start selling on your own I suggest keeping a blog running.

Now that you have some buzz built up about you and your charming handmade goods, get yourself and your website set up with a shopping cart service and start posting there, let your former customers know about your new store. Be sure to keep posting items on etsy because that will generate new customer’s to your personal store. Keep your customers happy, send items quickly. Maybe even start a twitter account that will let your followers know when you have a new product line out.

Maybe some of you are thinking, ‘great idea Marc, too bad I’m not crafty.’ Use one of my other Get Rich Click techniques: hire your weakness. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend money. Almost everyone has a crafty sister, mother, aunt, brother, friend … You get the idea, don’t let hurdles stop you, hurdle them!



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